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The Thai Rama restaurant in Torrance is an authentic Thai restaurant that delivers the sensational flavors of Thailand within a spacious, relaxed environment.

Until the middle of this century, Thai food was virtually unknown outside of Thailand and now it has become one of the most popular exotic cuisines in the world! Thai food is fast gaining a reputation as one of the world's most delicious and creative cuisine's. The variety of dishes, from quick lunchtime noodles to spicy salads, soups and curries, plus the ingredients - coconut milk, lemongrass and ginger, make a make it a "must try." Surprisingly it isn't always spicy! There are dishes which are bland, and dishes which are Chinese influenced and considerably toned down.

Thai food varies from region to region, depending on the local ingredients. Thai food of the north, in some way, is cooked with the sole thought for the taste for the northern people. The recipe consists of vegetable and ingredients available in their immediate vicinity. The common meal includes steamed glutinous rice, chili sauces which come in a host of varieties, such as "namprik noom", "namprik dang", "namprik ong" and chili soups (gang) such as gang hangle, gang hoh, gang kae.   The South is famous for it's fiery curries and fish dishes. Surrounded by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, there is no shortage of tropical fish, prawns, lobster and crabs. Curried, steamed, boiled, barbecued or fried, with different sauces and dips. So while you're in Thai Rama, try to sample as much as possible.

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